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Get Anyone To Do Anything

David J. Lieberman, Ph.D.

Never feel powerless again - with psychological secrets to control and influence every situation


Getting anyone to like you

If you want to be successful in life, you often need to get cooperation from other people. And the number one rule for getting people to do what you want is to get them to like you.

According to Moreland and Zajonc, repeated exposure to any stimulus [..] leads to a greater appreciation and liking (as long as the initial reaction is not negative). [..] This is why companies sometimes advertise just a picture of a product, or its name, without any specific features or benefits of using the product.


A study by Elaine Walster Hatfield showed that a woman who is introduced to a man will find him more appealing if her self-esteem has been temporarily injured than a woman whose self esteem has not been impaired (Walster Hatfield, 1965).

First impressions

Getting the advantage

People want what they can’t have. By constantly making yourself available, you’re actually diminishing your value.

A person likes you based, in part, on how you make her feel about herself.

In negotiations start off very high, even if it’s a little unreasonable. This is important because you will have set the tone. (Bear in mind, you also don’t want to be ridiculously high, because you want to be taken seriously.)

Appearing calm and confident

Not being fooled or tricked again

Friend test

False alibis



Real opinions

Taking control of any situation

By changing the things that you do and say to others you’ll change their attitudes and behavior toward you.

Leaders win the trust and support of the people through their identification with them. Do not set yourself apart from the crowd, but remain one of the people in the crowd.

Your vision must be clear, simple, and organized. Nobody likes or is overly inclined to follow complex and disorganized strategies.

Instantly generate the often-elusive and ever-important quality of charisma by making others feel important and special. People follow those who make them feel good about themselves.

How to win at any competition

Never do anything out of fear. If you need to win then you will lose.

How to get the upper hand in difficult situations

A person feels threatened only in areas that he considers the basis for his identity.

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