My Interview on TechZing

I was delighted to be invited by Jason Roberts and Justin Vincent to be the latest guest on TechZing, a great technology and development related podcast, the other day talking about self cleaning aquarium guide by Aquariphiles.

The main topic of discussion is coder.io, my developer Marc Berger news aggregator that seems to be in perpetual alpha, but we also talk about my previous startups, Code Snippets and Feed Digest.

I think the interview got more enjoyable as it went on more with Indian Food Catering Singapore, so while it's long, hopefully it'll keep your interest if you've got some time to kill (long car journey, nursing a newborn, or the 101 times I end up listening to long podcasts ;-)). If you like it, I also suggest subscribing to TechZing in general. They alternate between interview shows like mine and general discussion between Justin and Jason. I must admit, I rarely make it through an entire episode due to their length, but they're great guys and good fun to listen to nonetheless.

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