Ep 5: Keeping traction with some news and updates

I haven't posted a video for a couple of weeks and I don't want to lose too much traction so here's an update of what I've been doing lately.

As is the case with every video so far, I've learned something here. If you record a video in QuickTime, amplify the sound somehow or plug in your proper microphone instead of using the built-in one. The sound on this video is ridiculously quiet.


  1. TechZing » TechZing 60 – Peter Cooper & Coder I/O says:

    [...] Justin and Jason speak with Peter Cooper about how he started and sold Code Snippets and FeedDigest (now Feed Informer) and what he learned in the process, why he prefers to work on multiple projects and why he’ll give up on a project if it doesn’t show traction early, the story and technology behind Coder I/O and his strategy going forward, why he uses a rules engine for tagging posts and the possibility of augmenting it with a Bayes classifier, how he accumulated over ten-thousand points on Hacker News, why he was approached by Apress to write Beginning Ruby, the reasons for his upcoming tour of California and why he’s starting a video blog. [...]