Ep 4: LittleSnapper screencast tour

In working my way up the BoinxTV learning curve, I've made a quick screencast tour of LittleSnapper, a Web site screenshot application for Mac OS X.

Another thing I learned this time around is to not let BoinxTV record direct into MPEG 4. Its output is poor (added: There are a few good reasons for this - see the comments below). The bitrate is high, yet the quality is low. I can make it record into Apple Intermediate and then encode to MPEG 4 myself, so I'll be doing that in future. The quality of the video should be much improved.


  1. BX_Bastian says:

    Hi Peter,

    nice screencast! About the MPEG4 4 "issue":
    Encoding to MPEG4 is way more CPU intense than encoding to e.g. AIC. This is why we make AIC the standard codec, and this is also why we have high quality MPEG4/h.264 encoding presets to use after the recording. We can't create really good looking MPEG4 right on the fly because things like 2-pass encoding is impossible done live. Furthermore, real h.264 encoding would probably more or less kill your machine, not leaving any horsepower for BoinxTV.

    I hope this explains it a bit. If you have further questions, please email me.


    Boinx Software

  2. Peter Cooper says:

    Very good points - I should have thought of that. 2 pass usually makes a bigger difference than I could imagine. I usually use QuickTime 7 to do conversions by hand but I'll try BoinxTV's own settings next time and see how it comes out.. it would certainly be easier!

  3. Matt says:

    Hi Peter.

    I too got Boinx as part of a deal but have never really done more than open it, think "That looks complicated", then move on. However I've been wanting to improve my own screencast demos. Care to do a video on what you've learned about Boinx itself?

    Cordially yours,