Ep 2: A quick tmux (terminal multiplexer) screencast (a better GNU screen)

As well as vomiting my ideas onto video, I'd like to do some more practical walkthroughs and demonstrations of tools, apps, and systems I encounter. I thought a great start would be something I've only just found out about - tmux. Most UNIX/Linux terminal diehards should be familiar with GNU "screen" and tmux is essentially a better (and BSD licensed) screen.

As I've only just started to figure it out myself, this is no deep tour full of insights. The goal is solely to get you interested and show you what it's about.

And, yeah, I'm still trying to overcome the constant "uhm"s and "erm"s. I'll get there!


  1. Jeff Powell says:

    Peter - Thanks for the intro to tmux, it's very much appreciated. @jeffpowell

  2. Chris Matthieu says:

    Enjoyed the screencast! Keep it up :)

  3. Robert Gleeson says:

    Lovely little introduction to TMux, I'm about to setup an install in a minute.
    One little gripe though, it is not related to TMux but the website… I had the website loaded for an hour or two, and then I came back to watch your TMux video but the webpage was rudely reloaded half-way through your video :-P Are you doing some kind of reload to update the user with new videos?


  4. jpablobr says:

    hey, great tool... thanks!

  5. Peter Cooper says:

    @Robert: You're right. That's a feature of the theme I had forgotten to remove - it's useful on other sites.. not so good with videos ;-)